Ed Sacco


I am a Remedial Massage Therapist and Natural Movement Specialist. My goal is to restore your natural biomechanics and enable you to move pain free.


I have been passionate about Human Movement since I was a kid. I loved every single hour of PE at school and Martial Arts was my main playground for more than 10 years.


I have completed a Bachelor Degree of Sport and Exercise Science, a Masters Degree of Sports Science and a Diploma of Remedial Massage. I started work in the Fitness Industry in 2000, mainly teaching Martial Arts. I worked in the Italian Sports Centre 'San Carlo Sport' as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Classes Instructor for many years. Since I moved to Australia (2012) I have been more focused on Therapies and I have created 'Reboot Therapies'.


I am now a CrossFit and MovNat enthusiast and certified Trainer of both disciplines. So I have decided to feed my passion with projects based on Natural and Functional Human Movement.

Ed Sacco
Ed Wall Ball



MSc. Sports Science

BSc. Exercise and Sport Science

Dip. of Remedial Massage

Dip. of Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

MovNat Certified Trainer Level 2

CrossFit Certified Trainer Level 1

Certified FMS Level 1

Natural movements are all those movements that our body can do naturally. I think of natural movements like the ones a healthy human body should be able to perform forever. The ones we learn growing up and neglect once we are grown up.