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Reboot Therapies is a family business specialising in rehabilitation and movement optimisation. At Reboot Therapies you can find a holistic approach to your health. We are a Physiotherapist and a Sports Scientist by trade. Our personal interests go way beyond the conventional approach to rehabilitation and exercise. We love studying and researching about food, nutrition, lifestyle and movement. So when you come to Reboot Therapies you have access to much more than a standard treatment.

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What we do


Bowen Therapy

Finch Therapy

Emmett Technique

Movement Therapy


What we do


We offer a combination of hands on therapies, involving traditional and alternative techniques, as well as movement therapy (pre and rehabilitation).


At Reboot Therapies we each offer a unique skillset of techniques including Physiotherapy, Bowen and Finch. It is through our extensive knowledge and continuing passion for learning that we are able to offer a unique combination of therapies to assess and treat the root cause of your pain and dysfunction.

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